Indian Dragonfly Society, IDS (Registration No.: TVM/TC/421/2017), the first ever scientific association of odonatologists and dragonfly nature lovers, was recently founded on March 15, 2017 at Thruvananathapuram, Kerala (India), following a historic informal meeting of a group of dedicated and enthusiastic odonatologists and with the support of scores of dragonfly enthusiasts. The foundation Executive Council consists of the following:

Prof. Dr. B.K. Tyagi, President

Mr. Kumaran Sathasivam, President - Elect 1

Dr. Francy Kakkasserry, President - Elect 11

Mr. V. Balachandran, Secretary General

Dr. Sujith V. Gopalan, Treasurer General

Mr. Kumaran Sathasivam, Executive Editor, Indian Journal of Odonatology (IJO)

Mr. Abraham Samuel K., Editor, Bradinopyga Newsletter

Dr. Kalavanti Mokaria, Asstt. Editor IJO & Bradinopyga