The Indian Dragonfly Society is a non-profit, non-political, scientific society interested in:

1.  Promoting odonatology or the scientific knowledge about dragonfly biology and conservation through:

  • The encouragement of understanding, cooperation and friendship among odonatologists embodying dragonfly enthusiasts, biologists, ecologists and conservationists throughout the world.

  • The encouragement of international collaboration in odonatological research activities and services.

  • The planning and organization of national/international symposia and regional meetings of odonatologists.

  • The dissemination of information of interest to odonatologists and others by means of publications.

  • The establishment and maintenance of a national research center, which would house the collections of the Society.

  • The encouragement of the development of odonatologists in regions where it is not strongly represented.

  • The maintenance of liaison with other odonatological societies or institutions.

  • The representation of odonatologists in other national/international organizations.

2. Conservation of dragonflies and their natural habitats through taxonomic and biodiversity explorations.