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Dragonflies are completely harmless insects, on one hand, and serve not only as an excellent indicator for the purity of aquatic ecosystem they grow in, but also as effective biocontrol agent for many an obnoxious and/or human disease transmitting vector mosquitoes and flies, on the other. From the taxonomic and evolutionary points of view as well Odonata occupy a special position in the insect phylogeny, offering serious students of odonatology ample opportunities to unravel the marvels of the phenomena of origin of species and the speciation. There are more than 300 odonatologists in India and it is hoped that IDS will cater to catalyze their assemblage on a common platform for scientific/odonatological discourses to have a detailed knowledge about our extant as well as endangered fauna, but also the inevitably indispensable subject of conservation of odonata and their habitats.  

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